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Charlotte's Story:  Click her picture to help TODAY!

Many of us are blessed with fond memories of childhood Christmases.  For the fortunate, it was a magical time of year where the impossible was not only achievable, but it actually materialized right under our noses, and in the blink of one exciting night's sleep.  There was a gleam in our eyes and in our hearts that reflected an optimism of what the future was to bring.   Santa was coming!  It was a long way to travel and positively an unbelievable amount of work, but each year he came through for us, expecting nothing in return!   What an amazing expression of charity and love!  It was in this spirit that we began 'The Believe Project'! 

The sense of nostalgia we feel is second to no other season of the year!  In fact, the joy that lives in our hearts from these times is something that we carry with us to this day, pass down (or will pass down) to our children, and now want to desperately share with those who need it most!  There are children that live in our neighborhoods that can only dream of awaking before the sun has risen, and under their own power quietly tiptoe to the edge of the stairwell, peaking with wonder at what Santa has left for them.  Some children can only wish upon a star that they will have enough energy to make it to the dinner table for a family Christmas Eve dinner...and stomach the meal.  And some can only hope to share in the countless number of other blessings that the holiday season brings.  Let's make it easier for them!  We can't think of a better time of year to give back, and a more deserving bunch to give back to.  Join us by donating today and read OUR MISSION.

The Believe Project is a New Jersey-based 501(c)3 Organization.