The Believe Project
goal is to give a magical & custom holiday experience to each child and family in need at this special time of year.  We need your donations to pull it off!  Here is what our families need., which your donations go toward..

*Money to cover the ongoing medical expenses, not covered by insurance.

*A special holiday feast, that they can savor (without the hassle or knowledge of having to cook it), around a beautifully decorated table, that they can look back on with warm nostalgic satisfaction.

*Time with each other in a stress-free environment where they can laugh, play, and make memories with one another, and forget about the illness.

*The fulfillment of the child's Christmas or holiday wish list. 

*Additional surprise benefits!  (ie. December's rent/mortgage paid, a special trip, a visit from Victorian Carolers OR 'ol Saint Nick  himself!)


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OUR GOAL is to develop a sophisticated Holiday Registry System, marrying donors with beneficiaries and creating a seamless and efficient way for local children in need, and their families, to get the Magical Holiday Experience they deserve.  This will also provide the fortunate (individual or organization) with the resource to locate and "adopt" a family in a centralized location on-line.  We need your donations to develop and market this technology.  Please GIVE today.


The Believe Project is a non-denominational organization and is based on an idea of giving back in a way that shares our passion for Christmas, and the holidays in general, with children who have been stricken with cancer or some other acute or chronic illness.  These kids require regular blood transfusions, chemotherapy, or other various forms of treatments to fight their battle.  This creates a great challenge for them to live their Christmas dreams and to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest, whatever it is they celebrate.  We also strive to help any child who is suffering, whether it's a recent familial tragedy or some other emotional trauma or difficulty. 

Our goal is to identify children and families who are are dealing with these types of hardships and give them a magical holiday experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. (See "THE EXPERIENCE").  Children, especially, have 6 or 7 magical & cognitive Christmas's where they believe in Santa, and the holiday's general magical power!  The beauty of all of this, is that magic can be real, but it takes an engine like The Believe Project to pull it off and make it so.  We hope you'll join us in giving back the innocence of children to those who are dealing with "adult" problems during this time of year!  Thank you for your support & God Bless!

The Believe Project is a registered trademark with the United States Patent & Trade Office.  To meet our Board of Directors, click here:  Board Of Directors.